• Herbs & Spices

    Herbs &


    fennel, mustard, star anise, chive, mace, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon

  • Mediterraanse specialiteiten



    olives, sundried tomatoes, pasta, olive oil, balsamic

  • Cookies


    cantuccini, chocolat cookies, lady fingers, fryske dumkes, spelt cookies

Cilou, organic online store

Your personal address for organic food and natural personal care products.

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About us

Cilou is a webshop with organic products in the Netherlands. We offer a large assortment of natural food for a reasonable price. Tasty and special products from all over the world. 

Organic - we choose for durable. More than 97% of our products is organic or Demeter.

Large assortment - You can choose from more than 3100 products. The assortment is still growing.

Specialties & Delicatesses - Some products are hard to find. So we offer rare brands/products which you don’t see every day.